Next Generation Firewall

As a leading IT solutions company that serves business organizations of all sizes in the Middle East market, Infratech offers comprehensive services in every major domain of IT security, including state-of-the-art Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) technology. With our NGFW in place, your IT infrastructure and the data traffic on your network will steer clear of malware and security breaches.

Beyond Malware Prevention

A network firewall is conventionally hardware products and software programs that monitor the data traffic on personal and business networks to keep malware out. However, with next-gen firewall packages, you can expect a more wholesome network security experience.

At Infratech, we are helping our client businesses maintain network integrity with superior security systems. Our technology and expertise allow us to offer much more than just keen monitoring of the traffic on your network and intrusion prevention.

With our NGFW system, we can offer you a multi-layered comprehensive security system that will:

  • Provide your network several filtering capabilities for in-depth data inspection;
  • Execute the conventional functions of a firewall more effectively and efficiently, including packet filtering and stateful inspection;
  • Work as an enhanced firewall and employ complex packet inspection techniques to identify and block malicious traffic; and

Deliver advanced security by means of accurate and thorough intrusion detection and prevention.


How It Works

Our Next-Generation Firewall is built upon a multi-tiered coding system and specialized hardware components that uniquely enable it to work on multiple security domains at once. The malware filtering system in our NGFW uses definition files fed to it by your network administrator as well as whitelists and blacklists to determine which data is acceptable into the network and what types of files need to be kept out.

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