NextGen GRP


GRP (Government Resource Planning) systems are critical for modern, streamlined governments, and a key to digital transformation in the world of government. With GRP platforms, governments can manage contracts with private companies, use Big Data Services to gather actionable insights, and much more. By using digital technology, Nextgen Group allows governments to transform their operations. Using NextGen GRP systems reduces wait times, improves governance, and increases efficiency in governments and civic institutions.

From taxation offices to courts, Infratech's NextGen GRP solution can improve performance. Infratech offers Government Resource Planning solutions that you'll love. We are dedicated to helping our civic institutions and government agencies through digital transformation, and we’d love to discuss how we can empower your government agency to become more efficient using the power of a next-gen GRP system.

NextGen GRP Features

GRP systems with Nextgen Group features typically include

  • Physical & IT Asset Management
  • Taking Bids & Accepting Proposals
  • Budget Cycle Management
  • BI & At-a-Glance Reports
  • Performance Tracking
  • Logistics & Requisitioning
  • Payroll & HR Integration