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Take advantage of network automation & orchestration to move from manual to self-service processes. A technologically complex market, increased commercial pressure, accelerated technology refresh cycles, and rising costs are all factors that will require automation in an increasingly static market. As a network orchestration & automation solution built to support both network and cloud infrastructure, the Infratech platform makes it easy for enterprise organizations to reduce the number of manual operations and simplify network management from the first deployment day to the second and beyond.

Automated network orchestration from on-premises solutions gives you actionable insights. This allows you to accelerate the time to value new services by monetizing them as they are developed. Moreover, it automates troubleshooting in order to reduce the amount of time it takes to resolve customer problems. SaaS solutions from Infratech provide operational insights and scalability for the validation of network health.

Orchestration & Automation Benefits

With orchestration and automation, you can deliver value beyond connectivity by

  • Enhance Monetization
  • Delivering Services in Minutes
  • Designing Agile Services
  • Managed Services Automate
  • Embedding Multiple Applications
  • Streamline Networks Deploy Workloads
  • Multi-Cloud Workload Orchestration

Orchestration & Automation Services

We offer orchestration and automation services like


An integrated security information and event management (SIEM) solution will allow you to detect, investigate, and resolve security incidents


Security alerts captured by UEBA are effectively consolidated and prioritized, preventing malicious and abusive activities from going unnoticed.

SOAR (Security Orchestration Automation and Response)

Getting ahead of security goals is a challenge for organizations today. It takes time and effort to hire the right talent