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Privileged Access Management (PAM) safeguards identities that have greater access or capabilities than regular users. When privileged access accounts are compromised, data breaches occur. A technology environment requires additional layers of protection because these accounts hold the keys that unlock every door. Privileged Access Management provides that extra level of security. We at Infratech take extra care when it comes to treating privileged accounts because they pose a considerable risk to the technology environment as a whole.

For example, the credentials of an administrator or service account could be compromised. A compromise of the organization's systems and confidential data could result if the wrong hands were to get hold of them. With the PAM solution provided by Infratech, you will have access to advanced analytics, contextual integrations, and seamless workflows, all of which can be used to identify anomalies in real time through a number of advanced analytics that can be utilized.

Benefits of PAM (Privileged Access Management)

The benefits of our PAM include the following

  • Less Privilege Principle
  • Identify Privileged Accounts
  • Control Access by Role
  • Automation Decreases Errors
  • Boosts Security Efficiency
  • Logging & Auditing
  • Escalate Privileges Temporarily