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Patch management is the process of identifying and fixing security vulnerabilities in software products. This process is executed when an application, or product, that has been launched is discovered to have security loopholes. With the so-called patching of the underlying program code, the application/product is made secure.

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Build a Patch Management Process for Utmost Application Security

At Infratech, we are building our clients custom-fit patch management processes every day. As a leading name in network and application security technology services across the Middle East markets, we are very well-aware of the need for effective vulnerability management solutions in the software market in the 21st century.

With the patch management process we build for your new software product, you will be able to identify vulnerabilities in your product code effectively and fix them by means of expertly written code patches. We aim to provide your customers experience complete application security with these effective patches and take the project on from the very initial stage of researching all vulnerabilities in your code to building proactive policies for safety in the future.

We can take over your patch management needs completely and:

  • Build new patches for your product code vulnerabilities
  • Build a custom-fit reliable patch management process for your application
  • Help you release the patch for your product with the designated project deadline

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