Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a set of network probing exercises that are designed to systematically evaluate the integrity of your network and the potential target points therein and its applications. This is essentially a deliberate hacking exercise that allows you to discover the vulnerabilities in your network before they are targeted by attackers and result in costly data loss. Unfortunately, while organizations invest a lot of resources in trying to keep all their sensitive data and digital assets secure, few understand the significance of regular and thorough penetration testing. Those that do so are much more likely to keep their network sustainably safe. In fact, if they get regular services from a professional pen testing service provider, the chances of their network security ever failing to combat attacks become almost negligible.

For business organizations operating in Saudi Arabia and many other parts of the Middle East region, Infratech can be such a service provider and partner.


Why Invest in Penetration Testing

There are countless reasons why investing in pen testing of your IT network is a practical strategy to ultimately achieve comprehensive network security. A few of these are listed below:

  • Real Threat Demonstrations: The idea behind pen testing is to recreate scenarios that attackers would use to breach your network. Your penetration testing service provider will study your organization’s IT network and determine the likely ways in which it may be targeted. With this information, attack scenarios are planned and executed with controlled hacking and event documentation. Thus, with regular penetration tests, you get to see exactly how attacks could exploit your vulnerabilities and how the situation might progress.
  • Intelligent Vulnerability Management: With pen testing done regularly, your organization can learn a lot about the various types and levels of vulnerabilities within your network and applications. This allows you to resolve problems these vulnerabilities are causing and reduce security risks significantly.
  • Avoid Downtime Costs: Penetration testing allows you to skip any downtime for your operations that a cyber attack may cause. Since you have already tested your network for vulnerabilities, identified the same, and fixed them, it becomes highly unlikely that your system will go down in an attack and you will have to bear downtime costs.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Being compliant is very important to businesses with digital assets. Since regulations have a wide range of statutes that focus on system, network and application security, staying compliant certifies your business to be safe for customers and their data, which satisfies them with your security measures and increases the likelihood of their choosing your business for contracts.
  • Secure Adoption of New Applications: As your network grows and you add new applications for new operations, your network and its overall security will inevitably be affected by these major changes. In such cases, getting your upgraded network penetration tested so that any emerging vulnerabilities are identified and addressed in a timely manner.

Pen Testing Process for Improved Network Security

Infratech is deeply committed to making its clients’ IT networks free of vulnerabilities and bringing down the probability of attacks to negligible levels. However, we also understand security threats evolve with growing technology innovations. Thus, we suggest our clients to have penetration tests run on their networks regularly, ideally at least twice a year.

At the same time, our penetration testing process is well thought out and comprehensive. We have a 5-stage process for every round of penetration tests.

  • Recon: The first stage of the process is to run extensive reconnaissance exercises to understand the structure of the target network or application. Objectives of penetration testing in the project are also determined in this stage.
  • Scan: With basic information about the target in hand, the next stage in the process involves in-depth determination of how the target network/application will react to the planned attacks. Static and dynamic analyses models are employed for this determination.
  • Access: The next stage is naturally to execute attack and gain access to the target network/application. This is where various hacking tactics are employed to discover vulnerabilities within the target network/application. These tactics include backdoor building, SQL injections, and cross-site scripting, among others.
  • Stabilize: Once access is acquired, the next stage in the process is to determine whether or not the attacking code can stay within the exploited system for a sufficiently long time for it to gain lasting presence. This stage imitates the most successful of malware attacks where the malicious code stays in the network for several weeks and steals the most sensitive information therein.
  • Analyze: Ultimately, the last stage of the process evaluates the whole cycle. From identification of vulnerabilities to assessment of security protocols in place and integrity of sensitive data, our pen testing team gathers all important information that it then adds in the test report for you.

Our Penetration Testing Service Domains

In this type of penetration testing, we provide concrete vulnerability detection services in the most fundamental layer of your IT: the infrastructure upon which your network stands.

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In this type of penetration tests, we focus on the assets, information and data within your network. Controlled but comprehensive attacks are aimed at these components of your network to identify vulnerabilities at this level.

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This kind of penetration is more focused at the wireless network your organization relies on. The test attempt to gain access to the network by means of wireless entry points and devices.

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This asset-based penetration testing aims at discovering vulnerabilities in your applications. With the results of these tests, you can better manage the security protocols of your applications individually.

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This type of pen testing works on the underlying code of your network and applications, determining its vulnerabilities and reporting them for resolution.

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What We Deliver

  • A detailed report with an executive summary section and various chapters
  • Complete technical details of the tests conducted so you can recreate the results noted in the report
  • Thorough risk analysis based on the facts gathered during the penetration testing sessions to prove validity of reported results
  • Two lists of tactical suggestions, namely for immediate application and long-term advancement

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