Public Key Infrastructure

Public key infrastructure – often referred to as PKI – is the fundamental digital certificates framework within an organization that governs how various user profiles can access varying types of information and network features. A streamlined PKI enables networks to assign distinct digital identity to each user and allow various levels of permissions that ensure information is accessed appropriately by users who have the right permissions. PKIs also ensure creation of unique user credentials through digital certificates that can be used to give users digital signatures.

PKIs are very important for the modern business organization because access to all digital assets ultimately depends on each user’s unique credentials. PKI establishes, manages, and polices users’ digital certificates through an encryption database that contains all issued public keys. At Infratech, we are helping business organizations in various industries develop streamlined public key infrastructures. Based in Saudi Arabia, we cater the certificate authority and hardware security module needs of businesses across the Middle East region.


Building a Reliable Certificate Authority (CA)

Certificate authorities (CAs) are central to the success of PKIs. These authorities manage all digital certificates issued across the network throughout their lifecycle. Incidentally, this CA has to be a person or entity that certificate owner and the user it is issued to mutually trust. As such, CAs reinforce security for the whole PKI of the network as well as managing all exchanges that happen on the network.

Such significant role on the network makes CAs a potential target for attacks, and Infratech is ever ready to protect not just your CAs but the whole PKI on your network. When we design your certificate authority, we ensure best practices are followed to make the process secure and the protocols the CA will generate safe as well.

  • We create necessary libraries to divide all data into appropriate categories.
  • We create data backups to ensure that all data is retrievable by our client in times of need.
  • We use sophisticated digital certificate assignment algorithms to make your CA effective and easy to manage.

Strengthening Encryption with Hardware Security Modules

Hardware Security Modules (or HSMs) are widely trusted enforcement hardware tools that allow us to make your certification process stronger and more secure. With the right kind of HSMs in place, the team at Infratech enables your CAs’ encryption capabilities significantly, allowing them to successfully:

  • Generate unique keys,
  • Encrypt and decrypt data, and
  • Establish and verify assigned digital signatures.

We are experts in helping organizations use HSMs efficiently and meet objectives such as maintaining IT security regulatory compliance, improve data trust and security levels across your network, and improve business agility, to name a few benefits.

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