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SAMA introduced a cybersecurity framework in 2017 to improve the organization's protection against cyber threats. SAMA issued a directive to all member organizations that required them to comply with it in order to guarantee resilience against cyber threats. We have been able to provide SAMA compliance assistance to several businesses on a day-to-day basis through observing, responding, compliance, and awareness programs.

With Infratech's ultimate solution, we offer all the features required to improve your security posture by delivering a 360-degree view of your security posture by constantly monitoring, evaluating, and responding to your threats.

SAMA Frameworks Benefits

Our SAMA Frameworks benefits include, but are not limited to

  • Detailed Industry Knowledge
  • End-to-End Compliance
  • Stay on Top of SAMA Regulations
  • Stay Up-to-Date with Regulations
  • Continuous Compliance Monitoring

Our SAMA Framework Workflow

Our SAMA-compliant services can help.

Phase 1

The first step in our process is assessing your existing business infrastructure to determine whether or not it meets the SAMA regulations by assessing how compliant it is. We:

  • Identify Critical Systems & Assets
  • Controls Identification & Compliance Requirements
  • Bridge Gaps with Controls
  • Identify & Treat Risks
  • Identifying Gaps & Risks
  • Compliance Audit & Report

Phase 2

An assessment is followed by the implementation of the right tools and solutions for implementing a risk management plan as quickly as possible.

  • Assess Risk & Align Treatment
  • Tool Configuration & Technology
  • Training & Educating Employees
  • Protect Your Cybersecurity from Human Errors
  • Mitigate Risks & Implement Controls

Phase 3

Infratech comprehensive security services complement your existing infrastructure for enhancing security strength and resilience.

  • Regular Security Testing
  • Analyze Vulnerabilities
  • Configuration Assessments
  • Auditing Network Security
  • Monitoring & Response
  • Managed SOC & SIEM
  • Secure Cloud & Endpoints

Phase 4

Our final phase involves reviewing and auditing the implementation of the SAMA compliance framework. We conduct periodic audits and reviews.

  • ISMS & Compliance Review
  • Find & Mitigate Deviations in Your ISMS
  • Audit Weak Points with Mock Audits
  • Monitor & Measure Your Business