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You can use this Secure Remote Access / ZTNA solution from Infratech to gain fine-grained, least-privileged access to all of your users, devices, apps, and data, wherever they may be located, with continuous trust verification and in-depth, ongoing security inspection. With one simple, unified product, you can protect them all. Due to its superior security, it is able to stop zero-day threats instantly, with easy visibility and management, consistent policies, and the ability to share data across all users and all apps with a single pane of glass. With a cloud-native architecture, your applications will work as smoothly as possible, and you will have the security and performance that you need.

Secure Remote Access / ZTNA Benefits

A few of the benefits that Secure Remote Access / ZTNA offers are as follows

  • Low-Privilege Access
  • Continual Trust Assurance
  • Regular Security Checks
  • Ensures Data Security
  • App-Level Security