Secure Web Gateway Solutions

We offer a range of web traffic protection tools, among which our web gateway domain of services is particularly popular among businesses of all sizes in the Middle East. As a team of professionals helping organizations fight against potential IT attacks and network breaches, we consider it a duty to provide our clients with best-in-line tools to keep their user-initiated Internet traffic secure and free of infected software. Executed through industry trusted hardware and code of our skilled developers, your web gateways will be guided by your company policies to allow various levels of access to your users.

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Web Gateway Services Done Right

A number of competitors offer similar web gateway services in the market but they are driven by conventional motives, trying to protect networks by focusing entirely on monitoring outgoing data requests. However, these solution providers fail to understand the extent to which the information and traffic their software monitors can cause tremendous breaches and data loss to your network.

However, organizations like Infratech provide web traffic protection that predicts the potential of threats your user requests can trigger on the Internet and allows users to perform only those actions that your organizational policies permit.

Our web gateway services will empower your network to:

  • Filter out unwanted software;
  • Enforce your policies effectively;
  • Filter unwanted URLs;
  • Identify and filter malicious code; and
  • Inclusive controls for web-based applications, such as instant messengers and Skype.

We offer our web gateway solutions with deployment options and services optimized for your cloud, endpoints and on-premise network gateways.

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