Security Assessment for Safe IT Infrastructure

Sound security assessment practices lead to a sound IT network. It is imprudent to believe neglecting proper assessment of your IT infrastructure will not affect network integrity. Indeed this particular process is the most fundamental part of a reliable IT security strategy for your business network.


Ensure Network Integrity with Thorough Security Assessment

In simplest terms, a business can never guarantee network integrity without thorough, and regularly repeated, security assessment. In fact not investing in this exercise makes your IT security highly vulnerable, since it then fits the analogy of a building standing on a hollow foundation. Such assessments provide data to give your network security plans direction, and, without these data, all such plans will be ill-informed and may only lead to a major security breach.

The process itself is quite demanding and works well only when you hire professionals to do the job. It includes the following steps:

  • Cataloging: The foremost stage of the process is to gather all relevant information about the network being assessed, including all software and hardware connected to it. This includes cataloging all related resources in a way that each is identified, defined, and listed in the records.
  • Classification: With key information about all IT related resources available in the records, the next step is to classify them with regard to their importance for the network. The various levels of importance are defined as well so that classification is done adequately to provide all necessary information to the IT security manager.
  • Threat Identification: The next stage in the process is to identify key threats related to every cataloged network resource. This kind of detailed recording of probable threats with the likelihood of their occurrence allows comprehensive planning in the next step.
  • Mitigation Planning: A thorough list of likely security threats makes it easier for you to build contingency plans and establish preventive measures with least risk. This is where the expertise of your security assessment team is truly tested, since only experts can give you the level of detail required for the success of the whole process.
  • Protocol Development: Ultimately, the information gathered and the mitigation plans made lead to the generation of permanent and temporary protocols that your network managers must follow to ensure network security.

Reliable Network Assessment Administration

The process of network security assessment demands expert help and our network security teams in Infratech are very well-trained, experienced, and qualified to help you analyze the state of your network security adequately. Our experts are more than ready to deliver professional security assessment services to your business IT networks across the Middle East region.


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