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Your employees are part of the attack surface your organization experiences. They can play a positive or negative role in protecting the integrity of your network depending on how good your security awareness program is. Without any security awareness training, you cannot expect your personnel to be fully vigilant about IT security. Having a strong IT access policy can only reduce this risk so far; with deliberate training, you can bring the risk of employees triggering attacks on your network security to a negligible level. At Infratech, we have designed our corporate IT security program with particular focus on this issue.

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Security Training Program Design

The philosophy behind our security awareness program focused on your employees is guided by the strategy to grow their knowledge of IT security attacks. Our security training program design aims to make them assets for your network security and enable them to defend your organization effectively.

At Infratech, we understand the complexity of this program, and our security training programs are designed to cater all your specific needs by means of flexible instruction modes. We perform security awareness training in a number of uniquely effective ways – in isolation and combination – depending on your needs and the depth of knowledge you want us to impart during the security awareness program.

Some of the training modes we use include the following:

  • Group Classroom Sessions: We have a classroom-like program design that consists of various group sessions set up in your auditorium or conference room. This mode allows the security awareness program to be conducted in a series of interactive sessions that all your employees can attend. Each session comprises a detailed discussion on a specific area of network security followed by a Q&A component.
  • Intranet Library: Our method of providing security awareness training through creation of a repository with helpful resources is also quite popular among clients. This library of resources is accessible to users through your internal network and contains definitions, descriptions, visual aids, tips, and exercises.
  • Popular Training Supplements: We also have a plethora of supplements that we use to make each of our security awareness program more effective. These include training videos, case study exercises, infographics, tips, and a lot more.

Our Training Areas

When it comes to security awareness training, we have a comprehensive set of areas of description ready for your employees. We can use one of our many a standard security awareness program or design one based on your specific training goals.

The areas we usually cover include the following:

  • Physical network security
  • Desktop IT security
  • Wireless network security
  • Password protection and safe use
  • Phishing
  • Malware
  • Information sharing

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