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Here is why you need to invest in high-quality security awareness training for your employees today: Business leaders with some background in IT are troubled with the fact that one of the biggest challenges they may face for their network security can come from within their organization. Incidentally, this is not always the work of corporate spies or disgruntled employees. In fact, many of these insider attacks may come from uninformed personnel without any malicious intent. In either case, the attacker can cause greater damage than external hackers, simply because they are familiar with your network.

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Security Awareness Training for Uninformed Users

The idea of getting IT security breaches from your own employees gives some context to the ancient aphorism that “a wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.” The knowledge and access your employees have to your network make them a vulnerability for your network security.

To be precise, their unawareness of IT security makes them a vulnerability for your network security. They may infect your network by visiting malware infested websites, storing login details on unsecure portals on the Internet, entertaining a phishing email, or even by sharing sensitive information on a phone or other communication channels influenced by a social engineering attack.

At Infratech, we understand IT security with all its mysteries. As a leading security awareness services provider for business organizations across the Middle East region, we are constantly helping clients struggling with network attacks coming from within.

Security Awareness Services You Can Trust

We provide comprehensive security awareness training for organizations of all sizes and maturity. In general, we can help your teams become aware of the kinds of attacks hackers are using these days and how they might become a tool for these attackers. We will also inform them of how they may initiate an attack themselves.

With our security awareness training, you can ensure your own employees turn from being a network security vulnerability to a valuable pillar of its strength. Security-wise aware employees can play a huge role in maintaining the integrity of your network, and Infratech can help you make that happen.

We follow our philosophy of building all-encompassing services for our clients in the security awareness training domain as well. Our major security training programs constitute the following the titles:

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