Security Incident & Event Management

Security incident and event management – often referred to as SIEM – is the collection of tools that allows network managers to gather, analyze and present security information from various points across the network and its security devices; to identify – with safe access to – applications; to ensure security compliance; and to overview  user privileges, database logs, and directory services to log security events and incident response. With an effective SIEM in place, your network is able to identify threats before – or as soon as – they become viable threats and take logged measures to counter them.

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Monitoring Incidents with Effective Security Event Management

When you get Infratech’s security incident and event management services, you can rest assured we will keep your network safe and secure. Our efficient, file-based event logs allow us to maintain a lasting archive of events that can be accessed easily by the network monitoring software we use. This software not indexes events but also maintains it in a relational database for further investigation.

With such comprehensive recording of events, your network security capabilities increase multi-folds, as anomaly detection becomes an automated instrument to identifying network inconsistencies. This sets in motion the related security protocols that fix the vulnerabilities – or report it to the network manager – and logs all activity done in this regard.

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