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Security management and monitoring services are a big part of what we do in Infratech. As a leading provider of complete network security and management services for business in Saudi Arabia and many states within the Middle East region, we have an array of comprehensive network monitoring and security management solutions from which organizations of all sizes and nature can benefit.

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Network Monitoring for Optimum Security Management

We understand the complex nature of comprehensive IT security better than virtually all other firms providing network security and management services. With years of delivering successful security management solutions to businesses, we have particularly developed expertise in these four domains:

With the growing risk and frequency of network security attacks, we are ready to offer you full incident reporting and event control services for improved incident management.

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Understanding the weaknesses in your network is crucially important for businesses. Either you will discover your vulnerabilities and fix them or attackers will find, and exploit, them.

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With our digital forensics services, you can trace your security attacks back to the perpetrators and help your legal team build a sound case against them with proper evidence.

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We can also help you manage your network properly when a law enforcement agency arrives with surveillance permission. We will help you give them what they need without getting access to more.

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