Building a Security Operations Center

Sophisticated businesses that store sensitive information of any kind are investing in building a Security Operations Center (SOC) for IT security. The biggest source of apprehension for an IT team is the fact that network security breaches do not come with alarms or overt signatures that could be tracked and eradicated spontaneously. This is because attacks can be of many types and come from a number of sources. However, by building a SOC, a business organization is putting in place a comprehensive system that keeps a constant eye on all potential entry points and discovers attacks as soon as they are initiated even if they are too sophisticated to be prevented.


More than Building a SOC

At Infratech, we understand the nuances of managed security operations center services and thus help our clients build SOCs and manage it for them. We are experts in developing sound organizational security infrastructure as the foundation of your SOC, defining clear policies and procedures, and developing ironclad defenses for perimeter, network, host, applications, and data separately.

We are helping many a business in building a Security Operations Center so they can conveniently monitor network security and prevent threats from becoming attacks.

Call us today to request building a SOC or our full-fledged managed security operations center services for your business operations across the Middle East.

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