Gap Analysis

The Gap analysis is a technique that enables an organization to compare its actual performance with the standards. It is different from risk assessment in the fact that it compares the object against some target (that could be desired performance level or standard), whereas risk assessment is not measured against a target. Both Gap analysis and risk assessment evaluate the answer to “where are we?” but in the case of Gap analysis it is measured against “where we want to be”

Why Gap Analysis?

Lay-down strong foundation for the information security improvement to assist the organization to address the issues of confidentiality, integrity, and availability and to find out which areas need improvements.

What we provide?

We follow a systematic approach to assess Information Security Gap Analysis based on ISO 27001 standard.

Our Analysis Results?

The current levels of compliance with the principle of the code of practices have been categorized using the following definitions:

Compliant: The organization is fully compliant with the specific are of ISO27001.

Partially compliant: The organization has gone some way towards being compliant, but still requires additional work to be undertaken.

Non-compliant: The organization does not have the controls in place to satisfy the requirement of ISO27001.

Target to achieve the excellence in the clients services