Skype for Business

Skype for Business


Skype for Business is a platform created for communications and collaboration. It is created on the foundations laid by Skype, which brings the familiar experience and user love. It adds security, compliance and the control that you have come to expect from Microsoft. Additionally, it provides:

  • All the capabilities of Lync, for users and administrators.
  • An improved UI that takes advantage of familiar Skype icons and colors to simplify adoption for people.
  • Multiple deployment options, including server, cloud, and a combination of the two.
  • The security, compliance, and control features that enterprises require.


Skype look-and-feel for easy adoption Voice and video connectivity to the entire Skype network
Full enterprise communications feature set

  • Instant messaging and presence
  • Online meetings, with voice, video, content
  • Enterprise voice
Cross platform support, from small to large

  • iOS, Android, Windows, Mac
  • Smartphones, Tablets, PCs
  • Skype Room Systems and Surface Hub
Connects people everywhere

Skype for Business unlocks the potential that comes with expanding beyond the walls of your business to reach partners, prospects and customers.

Search and connect: search for the people you would like to connect with either through the company’s directory with ‘name’ and ‘skill’ options or through the world-wide Skype consumer directory.

Anywhere, any device: Audio, video and web conferencing is integrated, simplified and widely available at end-users’ devices. With Skype for Business, conversations are convenient, travelling with you from mobile device to meeting room. People can add new ideas, review any part of a conversation, or get to meeting content from wherever they may be.

Presence, location and contact card: Contact cards appear throughout Office apps letting you communicate with anyone -‐-‐ directly from whatever you’re working on. You can see who’s online, their location, and if they’re available to start an IM, voice, or video call.

Anyone can join and enjoy: All Skype for Business account owners can invite anyone to join and experience a Skype for Business meeting. Those who don’t have Skype for Business credentials can participate through mobile devices, web-app client or the Mac client.

Clients’ Portfolio: Almost all the clients can search and reach inside and outside (Skype) the company’s directory.







Rich meeting experience

Skype for Business meeting experience reduces complexity and costs and increases productivity, reach, and freedom to work from anywhere.

Face-to-face without the travel time: collaborate with people down the hole or across the globe.

Share ideas, content and smiles: Sharing content into the meeting, attaching it before hand, recording the meeting and sharing it after it ends, annotating on existing content or just focusing on people faces are enabled in the rich meeting experience that Skype for Business has to offer. Skype for Business lets people focus on the things they’re doing together like sharing an app, co-‐authoring, or presenting.

HD video gallery: With Skype for Business, video is a more natural part of everyday business and collaboration. There’s more “face-‐to-‐face” communication among colleagues, customers, and clients. In meetings, you’ll see a video gallery that shows five speakers’ names and video streams at the same time, so you can see each person’s reaction during the meeting (and keep an eye on your own). This creates a more natural experience for people online. You can pick the video streams that most interest you. And if someone’s video isn’t available, a picture will show instead. The Mac client has this capability only when using the Web-App. On the mobile client – only the iPad can show a gallery view, the rest of the clients can’t.

Customize the meeting stage: Skype for Business gives you the ability to customize the meeting stage and optimize your experience and information during the meeting – roster, IM, gallery view, content, speaker view and meeting controls are all for you to be seen or not. That way you focus on the what matters to you the most

Clients’ Portfolio: Almost all the clients have the ability to participate in the rich experience of the meeting, see and share content, see the participants and make life more productive

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