Source Code Review

Source code review is an alternative way for our clients to ensure the security of their web application. With a thorough source code security analysis, we can make sure any errors that were left in the code during the development phase are addressed and any vulnerabilities discovered during the evaluation sorted out. With our expert team of web application security specialists, we can help you launch your new applications after a complete review of your source code to curb any risk of attack, as hackers go after new applications with potentially big audiences.

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Security Assessment Services for Reliable Source Code Review

As leading security assessment services providers in Saudi Arabia, and across the rest of the Middle East region, we have successfully completed numerous high-quality source code review projects for small and big organizations in several business sectors.

We use deep-dive, manual evaluation methods executed by certified code reviewers and advanced-level programmers. We set project deadlines after careful overview of complexity and number of lines of code your application is written on.

We use a combination of source code security analysis and penetration testing to give our clients the best possible web application security. Along with finding errors in our thorough source code review for your web application, our experts examine the code for security vulnerabilities. If any vulnerabilities are found, our expert penetration testers in the team remove any false positives and then resolve the actual vulnerabilities that remain.

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