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There is a good chance that your IT environment and cybersecurity environment have evolved gradually over time. The development of problems over a period of time may include performance gaps, redundant processes, inefficiencies, and unintended information silos, among others. The future can be challenging when it comes to determining what is working and what isn't or where to invest your IT resources.

This is where Infratech's Technology Assessments come in. Technology Assessments provide your business with in-depth insights into its current IT security and environment, so you can identify areas for improvement and grow to meet your business's objectives. We provide you with IT transparency through a comprehensive approach based on industry best practices.

Technical Assessment Services Benefits

Each assessment focuses on a different business or IT aspect, but all of them include

  • Strategic Goal-Setting
  • Expert Insights & Analysis
  • Improving Recommendations
  • Goal-Oriented Technology
  • Strengthen & Expand Your IT
  • Identify & Mitigate Unknown IT Risks
  • Control Monitor & Ensure Quality
  • Cost Optimization Opportunities

Technical Assessment Services

Each assessment focuses on a different business or IT aspect, but all of them include

Vulnerability Assessment & Pen-Testing

The best way to improve your cyber defense is to understand your vulnerabilities and how attackers could exploit them. We can discover

Cyber Range & Red Teaming

Cyber Range & Red Teaming is the most advanced form of testing, inspired by military drills. Your organization's technical, physical, and organizational security

Applications Threat Modeling

Threat modeling is a structured approach to identifying and managing application threats. Your application development process should begin

Applications Code Review

The software has become a very competitive business and you need to be sure that your code runs on all the latest browsers before you

Technologies Configuration Review

A network infrastructure that is not configured securely could leave you vulnerable to wide-ranging attacks. Cyber-attacks can be reduced