Threat Deception


A system's infrastructure can be imitated by deploying traps and decoys throughout its infrastructure in order to deceive attackers. Decoys can be configured to log and monitor attack vectors utilized by intruders throughout the engagement. Detection and response are time-sensitive. However, most threat deception solutions don't alert until threats reach critical assets, while others don't provide useful information about how or where an attacker is heading. That makes planning a response pretty difficult. With Infratech's Threat Deception solution, these detection gaps can be closed. Offer attackers a deal they can't refuse. Infratech uses cutting-edge deception technology to detect malicious behavior earlier in the attack chain and give your team the time and insight they need to respond effectively.

Threat Deception Benefits

With the help of deception technology, security teams are able to

  • Improve Alertness
  • Reducing Attacker Dwell Time
  • Accelerate Detection & Remediation
  • Analyze Indicators of Compromise