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Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) collect, aggregate, and organize threat intel data from multiple sources and formats. Threat Intelligent Platform (TIP) from Infratech empowers security teams to identify, investigate, and respond efficiently and accurately to malware and other threats. Our threat analysts can spend their time analyzing data and investing in potential security threats rather than collecting and managing data. Threat intelligence data can also be easily shared between security and threat intelligence teams using TIPs. SaaS and on-premises deployments of TIPs are possible.

Threat Intelligence Platform Benefits

The data that the Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) provides helps companies in the following ways

  • Gain a Broader Perspective
  • Incident Escalation Process
  • Information About Threats
  • Inform Security About Threats
  • Streamline Learning Curves
  • Track & Detect Quickly
  • Real-Time Security Threat Validation
  • Get Vital Information & Details
  • Investigating Identifying & Validating Threats
  • Attainments & Threats to Security