Threat Intelligence


When it comes to cyber security, you must be able to discern who is attacking you, their motivations, and why they are doing so, so that you can anticipate their actions and defend yourself as much as possible. Our Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) services can be tailored to match those best suited to protect your business and ensure that you are provided with the information you need to counter and even preempt attacks in the future. Identifying Threat Actors and their tactics can help us not only build defenses against their actions but we can also coordinate those defenses to prevent them from using other strategies in the future.

Using our extensive network of experts across the globe, we can conduct various kinds of research, including deep-dive investigations into other potential threats that have not been considered, carry out wargame scenarios, and shore up your defenses in advance of any possible attacks.

Threat Intelligence Benefits

You can immediately benefit from our threat intelligence by

  • Ensure Security
  • Flexible & Saleable
  • Faster Incident Response
  • Streamline Analysts' Work
  • Respond Faster & Effectively
  • Threat Reduction
  • Learn How Attackers Operate
  • Cyber Threats Proactively Detected

Our Threat Intelligence Services

We offer the following Threat Intelligence Core Services

Threat Intelligence Platform

Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIP) collect, aggregate, and organize threat intel data from multiple sources and formats.

Brand and Reputation Protection

Keeping an eye on negative news is crucial to protecting your brand. Having a heads-up will allow you to plan a response and coordinate

Dark and Deep Web Intelligence

Dark and deep webs draw a variety of audiences. Keep up to date with the digital underworld and keep your citizens safe

Threat Hunting

Cloud adoption and digitalization are increasing an organization's attack surface and exposing them to rapidly