Training and Awareness


The Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report 2022 reveals that 82% of cybersecurity breaches are human errors. As a result, employee Training and Awareness are essential for ensuring your organization's safety. Is your business protected from cyber-attacks by social engineering, phishing scams, and malware?

Attackers use a variety of techniques like social engineering, deep fakes, phishing, and other event-driven methods to entice employees into divulging confidential information, transferring funds, gaining access to systems, and deploying ransomware in order to extort them.

An effective security awareness program will help you prevent your employees from becoming weak links in your security network. Educating your employees about cyber incidents and acting prudently in the event of a cyber incident can build the right mindset and reduce the impact. We can train your employees in cyber-savvy skills, increase their awareness, and make them ready to fight all types of attacks.

Training and Awareness Benefits

With our cybersecurity awareness programs, we increase your company's awareness of threats

  • Maintain Up-to-Date Security Knowledge
  • Recognize Threats & Take Action
  • Identify Threats & Engage You
  • Engage with Gamification
  • Assess Security Awareness

Our Core Training & Awareness Services

Cybersecurity Training and awareness programs from our team of experts help you stay ahead of threats


By leveraging social engineering, deep fakes, and other event-driven methods, attackers prey on unsuspecting employees...


Employees are an attack surface for your organization. Based on how good your security awareness program is...