Security alerts captured by User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) are effectively consolidated and prioritized, preventing malicious and abusive activities from going unnoticed. Organizations must develop or acquire statistical analysis and machine learning capabilities to implement security monitoring platforms or services. With threats and breaches becoming increasingly complex, rule-based detection technology can't keep up. Infratech uses UEBA for cyber security and analytics.

Using our solution, we analyze large volumes of data to establish a baseline of normal user and system behavior and flag any anomalous behavior that may indicate a problem. Combining these two technologies is the ability to detect insider and cyber threats in real-time using artificial intelligence.

By applying machine learning and behavioral analytics to users, machines, and entities, Infratech's UEBA systems are able to detect insider threats, malware, and advanced attacks by applying harmful behavior to users, machines, and entities. Analysts are able to detect abnormal behavior in real-time and mitigate threats before further damage is done by utilizing the insights they provide.

UEBA Benefits

Benefits of User Entity and Behavior Analytics include

  • Analyzes & Synthesizes Data
  • Identify Security Risks
  • Monitoring & Tracking
  • Simplifies Security
  • Optimizes Operations