Vulnerability Management

Sound vulnerability management is the backbone of effective network security management and monitoring. While the terms – and tools – are not new to IT security, most of these tools developed so far have given network security managers very limited useful information. This is due to poor quality risk information that cannot be scaled. Consequently, network security teams have to rely on manual procedures to maintain stability in security.


Contextual Risk Information for Effective Vulnerability Management

At Infratech, our idea of delivering superior vulnerability management services is to have our teams focus on extracting and using highly contextual data. This allows us to provide timely, results-driven reports with actionable information to the client. It also enables us to ensure enterprise-level performance, flexibility and scalability without demanding expensive licenses for software use.

Since we use a centralized platform for managing vulnerability identification and eradication, the reach of our vulnerability solutions is spread across your network and provides absolute protection against attacks. We use this centralized risk information database to access all endpoint across your network and effectively manage identity privileges. We thus look into all important data for privilege usage and extraordinary actions taken by users and assets alike.

We abhor static reports and are committed to delivering updates to you in a convenient reporting model that allows quick updates with easy-to-understand contextual data.

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