Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless penetration testing is another domain of our penetration testing solutions. These types of services are particularly useful for the modern business organizations that rely on wireless networks for facilitating operations and offering valuable services to their customers.

Specialized Wireless Pen Testing

Wireless penetration testing is a prudent exercise for all business organizations where sensitive data is kept on a network that is in any way directly connected to the wireless communication network, such as wireless internet.

Regular penetration testing for your wireless networks offers many benefits, including the fact that it allows you to see exactly how secure your data is during transit over wireless connections. It also enables you to ascertain the security of your wireless technology as well as the supporting equipment.

The objectives of the wireless penetration testing vary depending on the requirements of a business. As an example, if you manage a business where a cloud based solution is offered to customers, wireless penetration tests run by professionals will aim to assess the security of your connection, your deployed solution, its access points, and the traffic transmitting through the solution via wireless connections.

At Infratech, we have a specialized team of penetration testing experts who have years of experience testing wireless networks. With a set of tried-and-tested strategies, our team can deliver efficient wireless penetration testing without disrupting your operations. They will assess your network for penetrable access points, incorrectly configured connections, invalid encryption standards, and any other vulnerability in the network.

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