Infratech, is a Saudi based company, with operations and development arms in Europe and India. Established in 2012, with a clear vision on providing private and public cloud services for corporate and government in the Saudi Market.

At Infratech, we realize the challenges business are facing with a main objective to balance CAPEX expenditure with OPEX. From an IT perspective, this issues rises mainly with the traditional on-premises IT and the futuristic move to the Private & Public Cloud which will reduce the capital spending (operational cost, resources and the time to implement and maintain). Thus, we understand how private and public cloud computing can empower the customer organizations in new ways to be more responsive to the market needs. Only a handful of companies exist in the market today that truly focus on reflecting the value of private & public cloud computing to businesses, so they can experience latest benefits of computing technologies at unprecedented cost and fast time to market.

Led by the ambitious target to achieve the excellence in the clients services

Infratech capabilities consists of a high-level layer of extensive experience consultants with the ideal combination of technical and business excellence. This allows them to lead solution development, business development, business management and operation management. The company has developed sophisticated operating models that can achieve its values of commitment, agility, quality, and credibility.

Infratech was created from ground up as a private & public cloud-specialized partner. We understand how the Private & Public Cloud can best benefit businesses without disrupting current IT infrastructure. We provide expertise in Private & Public Cloud scenarios that enable businesses to gradually shift some of their workloads into the Private & Public Cloud while still maintaining their critical operation and control. From Software as a Service to Infrastructure as a Service, we help businesses build and maintain their IT services and assets seamlessly; on-premises and on-Private & Public Cloud. We further help our customers benefit from the financial advantages the Private & Public Cloud solutions bring. Through our knowledge of classical procurement of IT assets (software and hardware) and OPEX leasing model of the Private & Public Cloud, we help our customers and the best-optimized solution for their budget and needs.

We work closely with customers to analyze their needs; technically and financially, and advice on best approach that Private & Public Cloud technologies can help address them at the lowest cost. We then implement various Private & Public Cloud and hybrid Private & Public Cloud solutions that address those needs; with medium and long-term plan on where and how to further move.

  • Infratech is one of the biggest partners of Microsoft in Saudi Arabia.
  • Infratech is committed to the best of our customers, best products, services, and prices.
  • Infratech is one of the top specialized private & public cloud services companies in Saudi Arabia
  • Professional technical expertise, with proven track records on the private, hybrid and public cloud.
  • Extensive knowledge of Microsoft licensing programs which enable us to deeply advise the customer.
Ayman AlsuhaimChief Executive Officer

Ayman Alsuhaim is EX-VP of STC, the dominant telecom operator in Saudi Arabia. Ayman has been attracted in March 2016 to join Infratech as Chief executive Officer since he shown proven record in creating new business organizations, efficiently manage large teams and effectively manage P&L. He has diversified experience in business management as well as technology Management. Throughout his 20 years of experience in the market, he led huge capital projects across most of the telecom technologies and managed the operation of all STC Netwroks across the countrywide. Ayman has achieved a great reputation in the market as a strategic thinker and powerful executor. He has proven records in several careers paths including strategic planning, portfolio management, operation management, solution development and business management. In addition to his role as Infratech CEO, Ayman is a board member of several companies.

Khalid AlaboudiChief Operating Officer

Khalid has an extensive multi experience over 22 years worked with domestic and international institutes and corporations that enable him to be considered as a board member for a number of companies and governments organizations. He worked in various field of business such as telecom, construction, finance, and manpower recruiting, this gave him significant capabilities to run multi business environments, also His diversified experience greatly enriched his knowledge that enable him to be a reference for consultancies to many organization. He is currently the cofounder and Chief Operation Officer in Infratech. Furthermore, He has extensive contributions on some social matters to assists key strategic players who drive the national economy. This give him holistic view that makes him to adjust investment smartly.

Othman Alahdal VP Marketing & Sales

Othman has experience of 24+ years in marketing, sales, and corporate management. Also, he has considerable experience in the development of companies that stumbled financially with a broad ability to read the market and build clear visions and effective strategies. He significantly participated in the establishment of new companies in GCC and Middle East. Moreover, his assumption for several leadership positions allowed him to establish relationships and gain extensive knowledge of the domestic and International markets, which enable him to increase his business relations with many regional companies and a global specialist in hardware and software developers to fulfil the increasing needs of business entities and institutions.