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We provide professional solutions in computer forensics, eDiscovery, and information security. The focus of our Incident Response and Forensics Services is on helping businesses resolve complex litigation matters. By investigating facts scientifically, we establish what is most relevant in cases involving electronic evidence using the latest forensics technology. By using our digital forensic capabilities, we can conduct a network and IT infrastructure audit to identify malware for immediate removal. As experts in digital forensics, we eliminate threats with best-in-class services.

Incident Response and Forensics Services Benefits

Our technology identifies attacker actions, suppresses threats quickly, and helps you recover from breaches. It also provides

  • An In-depth Manual Investigation
  • Analyze Malware for Quick Insights
  • Capabilities in ATT&CK & Detection
  • Access to Threat Intelligence
  • Incident Response Insights
  • Multiple Data Ingest Methods

Our Core Incident Response and Forensics Services

Get expert support throughout the entire lifecycle of incident response and forensic investigation

Cyber Forensics

Businesses are turning to cyber forensics to combat the increasing number of cyberattacks on their networks.

Incident Response & Management

Get immediate visibility into all attacker activities and expert support through the whole incident response cycle.