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Networks are growing both in size and complexity in the cloud. Consequently, the distributed network is flooded with data, creating a perfect environment for malicious actors. With Infratech's NDR solutions, you can collect network device telemetry and apply machine-learning techniques to solve this problem. NDR monitors and analyzes raw enterprise network traffic to establish a baseline.

Network traffic monitoring tools identify suspicious traffic patterns that deviate from the baseline. NDR tools provide context-rich visibility of network activity. Users, devices, and locations are all visible to security teams so they can monitor their activity. Detecting threats' sources, spreading sites, and compromised users are possible through visibility. The software provides other forensic information, such as a user's location, device type, and event timestamps.

Network detection & Response (NDR) Benefits

We offer a variety of benefits related to Network Detection and Response, including

  • Network-Wide Visibility with Context
  • Non-Signature Behavioral Detection
  • Identify Malicious IP Addresses
  • Real-Time Telemetry Analysis
  • Enhanced Threat Response
  • Analyze Network Anomalies
  • Flow Monitoring
  • Keep You Up-to Date
  • Timely Incident Response