Network Security


Having a secure network is an essential part of having an efficient system administration. In light of the kind of cyber threats that business networks face today, network security is an extremely important aspect of any security strategy. A network security platform is necessary in a world where users are free to work anywhere without any restrictions. This is because users are free to work, no matter where they are.

Take advantage of the best-in-class network security protection that keeps your business from today's and tomorrow's threats without sacrificing the performance it requires to run. With our deep experience investigating some of the most sophisticated cyberattacks perpetrated by nation-state actors and criminal actors, our team of analysts and consultants hunt through network data to develop new threat detection techniques based on our ability to analyze network data.

Network Security Benefits

We offer a range of network security benefits, including but not limited to

  • In-Depth Network Visibility
  • Detects Multifaceted Threats
  • Proactively Analyzing Network Metadata
  • Achieves Frictionless Deployment
  • Detecting Threats in Network Traffic
  • Capturing & Analyzing Traffic

Network Security Services

Among the services we provide through the Network are

NGFW (Next Generation Firewall)

We use Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) to monitor your network traffic and block any dangerous interference in order for you to stay ahead of attackers

Network Admission Control (NAC)

Using Infratech, your organization can implement policies to control how devices access your network as well as user access to the network.

Web Proxy

Using a Web Proxy, your employees will have secure remote access to your network and servers over the internet (using an encryption tunnel), which ensures

Email Security

Every business and organization relies heavily on emails for its daily operations, so making sure that those emails are kept safe and secure is essential

Network detection & Response (NDR)

Networks are growing both in size and complexity in the cloud. Consequently, the distributed network is flooded with data and

Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)

There is no way around outside attacks and insider threats, but you can mitigate data leaks, data loss, and data theft. With DLP, sensitive information

DDoS Mitigation

It is not uncommon for DDoS attacks to interrupt or suspend the services of a hosting server. This is done in order to make the

Threat Deception

A system's infrastructure can be imitated by deploying traps and decoys throughout its infrastructure in order to deceive attackers.


Sandboxing simulates end-user operating environments by running code in an isolated, safe environment. With Infratech's Sandboxing

DNS Security

Having a secure DNS is important for maintaining your brand's reputation and protecting your organization's online presence.


Using micro-segmentation, we can create secure zones across cloud and data center environments in order to isolate workloads