OT Security


Operations Technology (OT) is the hardware and software used in an enterprise to detect or modify physical devices, processes, or events. Technology advancements and convergence with networked technology will exponentially increase OT security needs.  You can put an effective OT strategy in place by using solutions provided by Infratech that allow complete visibility into network control traffic and establish the right security policies, reducing security vulnerabilities and incidents and protecting your processes, people, and profit.

Benefits of OT Security

We offer the following benefits related to OT security

  • Classify Prioritize & Identify Assets
  • Threat & Vulnerability Analysis
  • OT Risk Management
  • Dynamic Segmentation
  • Manage Access & Identity
  • Wireless & Wired Security

Our Core OT Security Services

We offer a wide range of OT security services, including

Asset Discovery & Monitoring

Discovery and management of assets is the process of detecting and locating assets that are either active or inactive.

Vulnerability Detection

Applications and operations have a short window of opportunity to identify and fix vulnerabilities. Due to the lack of

Patch Management

Patch management allows systems to stay up-to-date on existing patches and determine which patches are appropriate

Malware Protection

Anti-malware software strengthens your computer's defenses against cyberattacks by adding another layer of security.